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Van Eck - Global Gold R1 Acc

Verwaltet von

Joe Foster

Joe Foster was born in the USA and attended the University of Nevada-Reno and the Tennesse Technological University where he studied Science, Business Administration and Geology. He holds a BA, an MBA and an MS degree. Joe started his career as a mine exploration geologist in 1998 with the Pension Mining Company. He joined Van Eck Global in 1996 where he is currently a portfolio manager and has been managing funds for over 11 years. Outside of fund management he lists skiing, hiking and biking as his interests.


The Fund aims to achieve long term capital appreciation by investing in common stocks of gold-mining companies. The Sub-Fund is a feeder UCITS of the sub-fund (LO Funds - World Gold Expertise). The Sub-Fund intends to realize its objective by investing substantially all of its assets into a non management fee bearing share class (the S Share Class) of a master fund.

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