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Rick Rieder

Rick Rieder

Über Rick Rieder

Rick Rieder is a managing director and BlackRock's chief investment officer of fundamental fixed income, co-head of Americas fixed income and a member of the executive committee of the firm-wide alpha strategy business. He is also a member of BlackRock's firm-wide Operating, Leadership, and Philanthropy Committees. Before joining BlackRock in 2009, Rieder was president and CEO of R3 Capital Partners. He served as vice chairman and member of the Borrowing Committee for the U.S. Treasury. Rieder is currently a member of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York's Investment Advisory Committee on Financial Markets, and was recently elected as the 2013 inductee into the Fixed Income Analysts Society Fixed Income Hall of Fame. From 1987 to 2008, Rieder was with Lehman Brothers, most recently as head of the firm's Global Principal Strategies team. Before joining Lehman Brothers, Rieder was a credit analyst at SunTrust Banks in Atlanta.

Investiert in eigene Strategien

Verwaltet institutionelles Kapital

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Citywire Rating: + Geratet


  • FA-geratet in Feb 2013
  • MA-geratet in Mrz 2013
  • AA-geratet in Apr 2013
  • MA-geratet in Mai 2013
  • JAA-geratet in Jun 2013
  • JA-geratet in Jul 2013
  • AA-geratet in Aug 2013
  • SA-geratet in Sep 2013
  • OA-geratet in Okt 2013
  • NA-geratet in Nov 2013
  • DA-geratet in Dez 2013


  • JAA-geratet in Jan 2014
  • FA-geratet in Feb 2014
  • MA-geratet in Mrz 2014
  • AAA-geratet in Apr 2014
  • MA-geratet in Mai 2014
  • JAA-geratet in Jun 2014
  • JA-geratet in Jul 2014
  • AAA-geratet in Aug 2014
  • SAAA-geratet in Sep 2014
  • OAAA-geratet in Okt 2014
  • NAAA-geratet in Nov 2014
  • DAAA-geratet in Dez 2014


  • JAAA-geratet in Jan 2015
  • FAAA-geratet in Feb 2015
  • MAAA-geratet in Mrz 2015
  • AAAA-geratet in Apr 2015
  • MAAA-geratet in Mai 2015
  • JAAA-geratet in Jun 2015
  • JAAA-geratet in Jul 2015
  • AAAA-geratet in Aug 2015
  • SAAA-geratet in Sep 2015
  • OAA-geratet in Okt 2015
  • NAA-geratet in Nov 2015
  • DAA-geratet in Dez 2015


  • JAA-geratet in Jan 2016
  • FA-geratet in Feb 2016
  • MA-geratet in Mrz 2016
  • AA-geratet in Apr 2016
  • MPlus-geratet in Mai 2016
  • JPlus-geratet in Jun 2016
  • JPlus-geratet in Jul 2016
  • APlus-geratet in Aug 2016
  • SA-geratet in Sep 2016
  • OPlus-geratet in Okt 2016
  • NA-geratet in Nov 2016
  • DA-geratet in Dez 2016


  • JA-geratet in Jan 2017
  • FA-geratet in Feb 2017
  • MA-geratet in Mrz 2017
  • APlus-geratet in Apr 2017
  • MA-geratet in Mai 2017
  • JA-geratet in Jun 2017
  • JPlus-geratet in Jul 2017
  • APlus-geratet in Aug 2017
  • SPlus-geratet in Sep 2017
  • OKein Rating in Okt 2017
  • NPlus-geratet in Nov 2017
  • DPlus-geratet in Dez 2017


  • JKein Rating in Jan 2018
  • FPlus-geratet in Feb 2018
  • MPlus-geratet in Mrz 2018


Bonds - Global Flexible
über : 28.02.2017 - 28.02.2018
Rangfolge 44/84 Bonds - Global Flexible
Managern Rendite
43 Frank Lipowski 1,2%
44 Scott Thiel 0,9%
44 Bob Miller 0,9%
44 Andreas Doerrenhaus 0,9%
44 Rick Rieder 0,9%


Monatliche Performance

Auf das Jahr Quartalsperformance

bis 01.01.2018 Jährlich Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
2017 1,5% 0,8% 0,4% 0,7% -0,4%
2016 0,5% -1,3% 0,5% 1,3% 0,0%
2015 -1,9% 0,6% -0,9% -1,3% -0,3%
2014 2,8% 1,4% 1,1% -0,1% 0,4%
2013 0,1% 2,4%

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